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Ageless Eyes Tear Trough Treatment


If the tear trough, or sunken area just beneath the inner corners of the eyes is beginning to look hollowed or depressed, our Ageless Eyes Treat Trough treatment could be a solution for you.

Over time, the tear troughs begins to appear prominent making the under eye area appear prominent and giving a fatigued or tired look. Often times the under eye area takes on a sunken appearance that creates a dark shadow or bag. The skin in this region tends to sags as fat redistributes with age. This accentuating shadow and the appearance of dark circles makes the face take on a tired look.

There is a non surgical effective treatment for this problem. It’s called Ageless Eyes. You can only find it at Ageless Aesthetics in Macon and Warner Robins.  With this cutting edge procedure, Dr Umerah can treat tear trough deformity and lower eyelid hollowing using a combination of Restylane and PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) to rejuvenate the area, build collagen and restore volume.

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